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dinsdag 8 april 2008

The Golden Rules Of Running; No. 1

Bron: Runner's World

1. The Specificity Rule
The most effective training mimics the event for which you're training.
This is the cardinal rule of training for any activity. If you want to run a 10-K at seven-minute-per-mile pace, you need to do some running at that pace.

The Exception: It's impractical to wholly mimic a race--particularly longer distances--in training because it would require extended recovery. So, when doing race-specific training, keep the total distance covered shorter than the goal race, or run at your race pace in shorter segments with rest breaks (interval training).

- en ook: om beter te lopen moet je lopen (d'Oh!). Bij weinig tijd kan je beter lopen dan aan cross-training te doen dus.

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