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woensdag 18 juli 2007

Podrunner - pick up the beat

Each week DJ SteveBoy releases a new Podrunner mix (an hour long of dance music). Every track is seamlessly mixed and pumped to a consistent number of beats per minute. He has mixes ranging from 120 all the way up to a heart pumping 181 beats per minute.

The powers that be suggest that every runner has their own cadence (number of times their feet hit the ground in a minute) programmed into the way they run and most runners have a cadence around 160. As you speed up and slow down you typically increase or decrease your stride length but your cadence remains fairly constant. This is crucial since as you get older, your stride shortens so if you don't improve your cadence you get slower. Most professional runners are coached to run at 180 foot falls per minute. Sound familiar? 181 beats per minute music fits right in with your goal of faster feet turnover.

Met dank aan Nico voor de tip ivm Podrunner. Enig opzoekwerk leverde de teksten hierboven op, overgenomen van deze blog. Meer info ook hier. Ik ga morgenochtend 22K doen en loop nogal vlak, met 2 mixes moet ik toekomen. Nu nog het juiste aantal bpm's kiezen... Loop ze!

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